Sad Banana


Amy, the ASL gorilla and political correspondent, has a few words:

Amy! Sad gorilla.
Amy fun last night make right tribe below Amy. Tribe below Amy good now!
But Amy sad.

Amy maker peels last banana.
Amy maker sleeps long sleep.
Bye Amy maker.

5 thoughts on “Sad Banana

  1. SharkBoy

    well, his books have always been more fiction than science, but he’d be the first to admit that… and let’s not punish him because some director couldn’t make good films out of his stories…
    State of Fear was a mistake, sad that it’s what he’ll be remembered for AND the fact that he tought video games would be just a fad…

  2. andrew

    amy shouldn’t be sad. crichton was vindictive and actively campaigned to make our planet a worse place. naming a paedophile character after one of his critics who had thoroughly debunked his laughable diatribes attacking the idea of global warming? that’s a worse crime than congo and sphere combined.

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