Snap snap, say no more

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So. What did you guys do yesterday?

(NSFW pics. Family, get some Lysol for your eyes.)

I had a great time having these shots done by Bill Pusztai. You don’t often meet someone who makes you feel at ease while you’re standing utterly naked in front of them. And not asking for money.

10 thoughts on “Snap snap, say no more

  1. craig

    I would say SharkBoy is a lucky shark….but I think you are both lucky! The last pic is one of the best, but needless to say, I also have a jock strap fetish and my orange SafeTGard jock is my favorite jock by far! So I am torn between the two pics as the best. Excellent Pics!!!

  2. Dead Robot

    Romach… those ARE me. Just in full light.

    Steve R: Cheers!

    Erik: coming from you, I’m glad. Ronan from Imperial Tattoo, Toronto. He’s the nicest guy too. Looks a bit like Jesus.

    Kezza: Thanks. Bill P is a smart, funny, serious guy. It was great to meet him and chat while I got undressed. And he didnt laugh.

  3. Kezza

    The photos are fantastic, and you look damn HAWT! I like your tattoo but I think my pick of the group is that last picture. I dunno, overalls just do it for me!

    They are excellent shots.

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