My “Best Of Craigslist”


I don’t know why Clist stopped this feature but I’m certainly going to pick up the ball:

First up, An Ex-Dr Seuss editor looking for a little action:

Hump (GTA)
I am very discreet. Are you a white male that loves to hump? If so, why not hump on me? If you are straight, gay or bi all is fine. You can watch porn, I will rub oil on my chest or my behind as you rub and masturbate on me. No penetration though. Any humpers there? HUMP! HUMP! HUMP!HUMP! Lay down on me and grind. 1, 2, 3 HUMP! 1, 2, 3, HUMP! FASTER! FASTER! I promise to wiggle for you on the bed. I am male.

Here kitty kitty!

I want to crawl on the ground for a white man like a cat as I move up from his toes to his cock to his nipples. Let this cat unlace your shoes with my mouth and unzip your pants with my mouth. Let this cat lick your feet & suck your cock. This cat can entertain or travel. Let cat hump on your legs. This cat has a hot tongue and knows how to use it on a white guy. I am a male cat. Take a chance! I promise not to scratch you. See Me roll around. Want to feel up this cat as I lay on the floor?

More as they come in…

7 thoughts on “My “Best Of Craigslist”

  1. andrew

    for a while now i’ve been ‘shopping the text from the odder craigslist ads into pics and cartoons that i put up on b3ta. a few others have joined in the fun, too, and we’ve made pics for one of the hookers who posts ads we love.

    “have you ever fantasised about sitting on moses’ face?”

  2. Kezza

    Why doesn’t craigslist operate in Australia? I don’t actually know what its specifically meant to be, but damn I want to have a look and try to find out!

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