Oh Shure!

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Continuing my iPhone headphones story

Last night I went back to Apple to exchange those god awful noise leaking ear buds for something better. RodTO, I looked at the Bose but they didnt have any with a microphone/pause button so I went for the Shure buds.

Again, the customer service was impeccable. This time I actually managed to snag a hipster to ask her questions about the buds and she spent the time to go over a couple options and offer some candid advice about a certain product (read: she slagged off the $89 Apple In Ear headphones, which makes me believe they’re only a gateway product, designed to be returned to spend more money in the store). And as it was before, the counter exchange was fast, courteous, and slicker than a lonely twink in a bath house.

The Shure ear buds are unwieldy, ugly, come in two parts and have thick wires that don’t straighten out too well.

But they sound amazing. They let in just the right amount of noise so that I’m aware of my surroundings and the ear plug part isn’t silicone so it will stand up to greasy Italian ears. There is no wire vibration and yes, yes I can hear the lead singer from Underworld fart during track #2 on Oblivion With Bells. Finally happy.

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