Why I Love The ‘Net: Steven And Chris Arrive.

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SharkBoy tortures me sometimes by making me watch the first half of Steven and Chris. Thankfully he gets bored with their facile banter and moves on. Meanwhile I have no defense or comeback other than to tell my story of how Steven and Chris one day came into my father’s boyfriend’s store where I worked, and experienced up close and personal the down-the-nose personality of Steven and the really-nice-guy chattiness of Chris.

Except for now. Now I can show him how wrong it is to pay them any attention these days. They’ve become an internet joke.

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8 thoughts on “Why I Love The ‘Net: Steven And Chris Arrive.

  1. madamerouge

    They were overexposed about five years ago. Now it’s just profoundly sad.

    About 14 years ago, I saw Steven walking his dog. I almost walked into a tree because he was so beautiful. (Specifically, his cute hairy legs.) [sighs]

  2. Dead Robot

    Steven was utterly cold and all business, not wanting to engage in chit chat while we waited for the shop owner to come out. Chris on the other hand, when learned that I was taking a special effects makeup class at night was utterly charming and engaging. They balance each other nicely.

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