TTC Handy!

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Did you know that they use to guestimate where busses were located on their routes by the number of wheel turns they executed? Neanderthal!

Now, with the installation of GPS into most TTC vehicles, you can now accurately know when the next bus hits your stop!

BlogTO popped this little gem of an “app” (and by App, I mean iPhone homescreen web link) called NextBus (beta). Choose your route, choose your bus stop and then marvel at the amount of time you have available to waste before the next bus. I’ve been trying it on my home stop this morning and have noticed that the three estimated times for arrival refreshes independently from each other – you can actually see streetcars bunch up like a $2 whore’s panties!

Where was this when I was waiting in the frigging cold last winter?!

Update: From Torontoist, always digging deeper, is a live map! Marvel in the short turns!

Update #2: Site has taken off 99% of all the Toronto Routes. Will they bring them back? I hope so!

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  1. Dead Robot

    As we speak, Apple is releasing details of the third generation operating system. No real mention of new hardware.

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