Countdown To Disney – Cat Sitting


I hand over the apartment keys to my 18 yr old niece. She looks like she’s going to explode with excitement – more excited than I, now that we’re less than a day away from leaving. We’re giving her full run of our place (and a couple of her friends) the two weekends we’re away. She’s going to rock out on Guitar Hero and use the Wii Fit to measure …things.

“I’m more excited about cooking for myself!” She says.

People, get the nerdiest person you know to babysit your cat/apartment. I say that in love: she’s the coolest nerd person under 30 I know and I trust her judgment implacably. Listening to her pre-university stories makes me young again. Plus the stories aren’t littered with drinking or drug paraphernalia, so it’s all good.

It took us about 20 minutes to explain to her how to turn on the TV. Da, who is also going to come in from time to time to groom the cat, didn’t bother to listen in. Too many buttons.

2 thoughts on “Countdown To Disney – Cat Sitting

  1. cowtown queen

    Nerds definitely rule! One just moved into our basement and I can’t believe the stuff he knows! He can differentiate between quantum mechanics and anything else in the universe. Sheesh.
    And he loves our cat. We are so lucky…

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