Two Tickets to Paradise

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Just got an email from the Management Board of the company I work for:

Hi Ted, we sent a request to all managers asking them to nominate staff that they felt had done something exceptional or gone beyond the call of duty during these tough times and in response to this, Emma nominated you. In recognition of this we are pleased to award you 2 tickets for travel on Air New Zealand from Vancouver or Los Angeles to New Zealand, Australia, Cooks or Fiji.

The tickets are available for travel between now and September 30th – all travel must be complete by that date.

Holy Crap! Where do I go?

8 thoughts on “Two Tickets to Paradise

  1. Paulie

    You little bugger, fancy not coming to see me! could have lent you a car, free accom etc, what r u like!

    Oh, by the way, wud like to say i’m a bigger person and don’t mind that i don’t get a fecking mention in yr bloody england memories, but i’m not! SIGH, did i make that little of an impression over 2 yrs or whatever it was??
    Ok, am over that now, well actually i’m not, but u know me i like to dwell, it gives me an interest…

    Life’s been kinda crap this year, our sweetheart of a friend and i guess my gay mentor as well as other stuff, Gabriel died in Feb. It was time for him to go,he’d had a vile time for over a year with v nasty skin cancer but his going is still a huge loss. i keep going to text him some gossip or the like, weird.

    At the same time as G going down hill Mum was losing her marbles big time. Full on dementa. Vile. poor wee thing, it’s crap. Have her in a rest home now, which is good, knowing that that’s the best i.e. safest place for her but still awful thing to have to do to her.
    We’ll have to stay here for now which is a mixed blessing but place full of good friends who keep me sane and of course my boy who’s a bloody gem.
    Not to mention his concessions! am coming back to YVR in a few weeks, really shouldn’t as planning 2 weeks in LON in Sep but fuck it, this isn’t a rehearsal, and being able to get out of here, Nice though it is…) keeps me sane… I’m only coming to YVR as it’s a work trip for Paulie and FIVE nights paid at Hotel Van, and loads o dosh…

    So buddy boy, how are yr Mum n Dad. Had weird desire to call yr Mum last time i was in YVR. best left i think. but tell her i was asking after her.

    Huge hug ratbag.


  2. Dead Robot

    photog2/RodTO :


    SUPER DOH! I’ve been going to our company’s Xmas party for 5 years now hoping to win them and BAM now I can’t use them!

    Oh well. Nice to know I’m “loved” at work.

  3. Dead Robot

    I appreciate all the suggestions but after reviewing our time/money over the summer, we’re tapped out! I’ve returned the tickets with hopes they go to someone who can use them in time.

    Cowtown, your suggestion was exactly what my boss told me when she told me the news. You know your stuff!

  4. cowtown queen

    With limited resources and time, I’d suggest heading to one city only. Personal biases coming out here, but I’d suggest Auckland. Also it’s the furthest north and therefore the warmest over their winter. If going for Oz, consider Cairns? How about diving?
    Guess it depends on what kind of discounted accommodation you can get?

  5. Michael yer Bro

    Way to go. Nice to get a little recognition during the tough times. Fiji. Fo. Sho. Australia is cool, but basically it’s here. Fiji is completely a different world. Cheap, too, I bet.

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