Why I Love SharkBoy Part Neepoop Neep

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SharkBoy has been listening to gobs of Disney podcasts and blurts out little tidbits of info into my world like I’m a starving little goldfish.

In the same vein as his “chibookie!” yell at some poor dwarf at Star Wars Days two years ago, I got this email from him (name emphasis mine):

General Askobar, Distant cousin of Akbar

General Askobar, Distant cousin of Akbar

Frank Oz was heard saying that the last time he did the voice of Yoda was not that long ago, it was went he recorded it for the Disney attraction they are doing… So the rumour is that they are redoing the movie for the Star Tours attractions and this time, our shuttle will be chased by Bubba Fett and that R2D2 and C3P0 are back, as well as adding lots of other characters, like Yoda and General Askobar… or whatever his name is… AND it might be in 3D as well… rumours are fun

In further clarifying emails with SharkBoy, Bubba Fett didn’t get fat and start chasing the Dukes of Hazard and General Askobar became General Grievous for some reason. I need to listen to this podcast…

4 thoughts on “Why I Love SharkBoy Part Neepoop Neep

  1. SharkBoy

    No, no… not Grievous, it’s Akbar… The trap ugly dude…
    For some reason, I thought Akbar was the robot thingy that works with Duku… who by the way is much cooler than the trap ugly one

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