Church Street Diner Sorta Update


During Pride, while we were walking the street, I spied the two owners of Church Street Diner, Richard and Alfredo, standing out front of their “still closed for renovations” cafe with a table and cooler. Nothing showy, no signs, just selling water or Popsicles.

I immediately dug into my pocket and sauntered up for a frozen ice. I asked how they’ve been doing.

“Great!” Richard says, “We appreciate what you said on your blog.”

“So what happened? What is happening to the place?” I ask.

I get an eye rolling response that makes me immediately feel bad for asking. But not so bad I can’t recount it here. “Things… are happening. We can’t comment.”


I really hope these guys can get the Diner going again soon. Good luck fellas!

2 thoughts on “Church Street Diner Sorta Update

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  2. Brian Finch

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