Pr-Pr-Pre Pretty Creepy

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We here in Canada thankfully haven’t been bombarded with the creepy girl Pre cell phone commercials. If you haven’t seen it yet, this, via Gizmodo is pretty good place to start.

She looks like a cross between a Minority Report Pre Cog and Julianne Moore after being dipped in milk. Ironically she’s Canadian.

This remix makes me curl up into a ball. That and think “Hey Michael J Fox is looking great!”

10 thoughts on “Pr-Pr-Pre Pretty Creepy

  1. Dead Robot

    Meredith, I joke a lot on here. 90% of what I post is in jest and mean no malice – Yes she is a very pretty woman, and admittedly her voice is extremely beautiful. Lyrical. I hope she can move her career forward, fast, past this campaign that has become so negative online. We make fun of the face in front of the camera, not the ones behind. I would hope that the art director has got a black mark on his resume, but unfortunately the mark is only valid in the advertising world. However, if something goes viral on the net, the PR boys wring their hands with glee. Negative or not, their name is out there, at the price of your friend’s career.

    In half seriousness, the film is so processed I am sure she can change her look with minimum effort and still get work.

    The jokes evolve from this style of “artistic” commercial used to promote a cell phone. Expecting people to react positively to such “highbrow” commercial for something so blatantly an iPhone clone, three years after the fact, is laughable. It’s unfortunate your friend’s career choice has become such a negative internet meme, but ask any actor (Hi brother Mike!) when you put yourself out there, you’re going to get criticism (Hi Richard Ouzounian! How’s that TV show pitch going?).

  2. meredith r. mistletoe

    awww man, that’s definitely one of my best friends. and I can’t explain to you how upset this whole campaign has made her… I swear she’s the loveliest human and not airbrushed at all.
    why isn’t the director getting this much flack? this commercial has so little to do with her, and waaaay more to do with the director/clients being idiots.

  3. the replicant

    Oh, yes, Airbrushed Girl. She always reminded me of the Borg Queen.

    I never really noticed the background before, but I suppose now we know what the Uncanny Valley looks like.

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