Tim Hortons – My Final Rant

You Stupid Dick

I know you know I’ve got a big hate on for Tim Hortons. I’ve actually not been inside one for over a year now – why should I give a company any of my money if they can’t train their staff to be polite?

I broke that rule this Sunday and ran into the Winchester and Parliament outlet at 7am for a quick bagel for the husband and I before we stared our apartment clean/Coronation Street marathon. I step up to the counter when called and started my order:

“Next please.”

“I’ll have a extra large Earl Grey Tea…”

She walks off. I’m left alone as my order trails off in my throat.

Seriously. She just walked away like her hard drive was full and all other functions shut down.

A few seconds later some other woman comes forward and asks for my order.

“Is she getting my first thing?”


“Her,” I point.

She turns and starts up a conversation. After a short exchange she turns back. “What would you like?”

“I guess she’s not, right?”

Blank. I might as well been talking to a wall.

After taking my order (extra large coffee, extra large tea, two toasted bagels), she still managed to fuck it up.

This morning, I read (via the growing Queer Canada Blogs) that while Timmys is making in-roads with their franchise into the US, one owner down there is running fast and loose with the company’s “no religious/political sponsorships” policy:

Via Truth Wins Out:

Canadian coffee and doughnut chain Tim Hortons is sponsoring the National Organization for Marriage’s antigay cookout and worship service on behalf of heterosexual-only marriage Aug. 16 at Aldrich Mansion in suburban Providence. Rhode Island is the last state in New England to oppose marriage equality.

While the article goes on to say that these kinds of community sponsorships are localized to the franchise owner, it’s still Tim Horton’s policy not to get involved with political events. TWO suggests you contact Tims and voice your concern. I did! And I got a “customer service number ticket” too!

So finally I will never set foot inside another Tim Hortons ever again and I urge you to do the same. While you may cry “But it’s a Canadian company!” I want you to ask yourself if it were so Canadian, why is it so utterly mis-managed and can’t get it’s corporate policy shit together? We’re better than this!

Hello Starbucks, with your huge corporation of greed and faux-green. You now have all my caffeine dollars.

Update: Tim Hortons backs down and withdraws with an apology. Still not going to change my mind about their crappy service.

6 thoughts on “Tim Hortons – My Final Rant

  1. Carl

    This is crazy! I wrote a feature on Tim Horton’s environmental and foreign humanitarian initiatives – which are, well, none existent – for Eye Weekly over a year ago. I didn’t know they would stoop this low.


  2. Jyle

    Yes I totally agree Ted, i LOVE Jet Fuel on Parliment or Bulldog on Church. Anything for the indy coffee !!

  3. J Tree

    Interesting… we already boycott Urban Outfitters. Boycotting Tim’s might take a little bit more self-control, but certainly something to discuss over a nice cup of Ideal coffee. I myself hate their iced milk drinks (locally referred to as iced coffees). ‘Nuff said.

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