Lenzr – No Xmas, Just Pix


Hello bloggers, bloggettes and blogophiles – it’s time for my monthly Lenzr post!

Macro photos of Life photo contest on Lenzr Up first is the Macro Photos of Life contest. Enbiggen small life forms into horrifying creatures and maybe make a art director deal with James Cameron if he ever does another Avatar (if you can wait that long). Macro photography is not my bag, really. Only if I’m shooting my own pores. They fascinate me how they get clogged so quickly. Regardless…

This contest is sponsored by an advanced Toronto Ontario Canada mobile app developer (ooo cryptic, eh?) who make a device called ShrinkRay – a powerful tool to port websites into mobile browser applications. Lord knows there are a few sites out there who could benefit from this DMS (device management system) – I’M POINTING AT YOU TORONTOIST.COM.

But Dead Robot! What is the prize? I hear you shout from your cubicle.

The prize, you eager beavers comes from Locaboires, folks  so anal about their food that they insist on eating only locally produced foods and drinking water, local fruit juices and beverages that are made within a hundred mile radius of their homes. For people living in Toronto this includes the wines of Eastern Ontario.

It’s a deluxe Locaboire vacation where you can drink the spirit of life in Prince Edward Co. in Eastern Ontario and enjoy their wine tour travel package for two adults (includes two meals and one night in a Brighton Ontario b&b).

Next contest up – something a little more focused… ha! See what I did there?

Medicinal Plants in Nature

Medicinal Plants in Nature harvests botanical photography.

Lenzr participants are asked to document a plant’s medical properties. The winner of the contest will be part scientist and part artist and overall someone with an eye for natural beauty.

Lenzr writes: “We expect to see fragrant tree moss, wild mushrooms, tree gum and grass. Anything with medicinal properties is welcome in this contest.” So my picture of Cat Grass may or may not be a qualifier. But they are looking for the fragrance of a healing plant to explode off your monitor.

Lenzr describes the prize: “There’s six different Neal’s Yard Remedies, created from botanical ingredients available as prize. This prize has been generously donated by Ontario best natural medicine clinic to the member that uploads the highest rated photo. That special photographer WINS Orange Flower Facial Oil, Yarrow & Comfrey Moisturizer, and White Tea Eye Gel, Orange Flower Facial Wash, Geranium & Orange Body Butter Rosewater Toner for a total retail value of $330.00″. Pretty sweet if you have some good pics of dandelions on your hard drive from last summer.

I’m so attracted to you! Or maybe just this next contest:

Ontario Tourist attractions 2Ontario Tourist Attractions is a 2 photo contest that captures the scenery, history, culture and geography of this great province.

No bald head shots of George Smitherman. Been there. Rubbed that.

This one is sponsored by Kanetix again, and as you know they specialize in delivering the lowest car insurance quotes and so when you click, consider using them to insure your car. It’s much more interesting than a gecko.

The winner of this contest gets a prize of $300 American Express gift certificate.

See the site for more details. Hop over and check them out! Or upload your own!