Lenzr Update!

Distractions, Lenzr

Time to look in at Lenzr and see all the funky prizes you can win for being a shutter fly:

First up: Best Gourmet Food: Pretty self explanatory… make yourself some KD, sprinkle some oregano on it, macro lens that puppy and whammo! Prizes! The first prize is an Eastern Ontario wine and brewery tour package plus one night accommodation at Timberhouse in Brighton, ON. The GRAND PRIZE sounds like fun: spend time with The Wine Ladies as they grab material for their wine blog by taking you on an exclusive tour. (My minder described it as a “kooky tour” but I can’t bring myself to type that). Material from the tour may be used in promotional videos or even dah ta da daah… ebook companion media. High tech, eh wot? Kindle yourself!

Second comes Everyday Tangled Web: This one I can relate to. Take a picture of your tangled anything – hair, legs, yarn, wickedness, etc. Personally I have a drawer of dead technology and with dead technology comes massive power bricks and their long tails. Gaah! I hear you say in frustration – Get to the prize! The prize comes from an office phone system company, called S.E. Telecom and they’re giving away a Plantronics Voyager (if you’re not a Blackberry addict, that’s a Bluetooth wireless headset). See what they did there? Wireless…? See? Release your inner cyborg!

Lastly, and not leastly, is Kids In Action: Take a picture of your ADD addled spawn running around in a circle, or on a jungle gym or knocking over cans at Loblaws and post it. You can get yourself a set of really clean choppers! They’re giving away an advanced teeth whitening kit and a year’s supply of dental products including an “armful” of mouthwash, toothpaste, tooth brushes, dental floss; courtesy of a Toronto dentist named Dr. Natalie Archer DDS at Sherbourne and Bloor St. I’ve heard through word of mouth that she’s pretty good. See? See what I did there??

And as a side note, they’ve revamped the voting system to include votes (Popular Votes – visitors to the site don’t have to register but their vote is counted as “1”) and Super Registered Votes (Registered members who have actually uploaded an image get the power of 10x the vote). There is some involved algorithm thingy they’ve factored in but personally this sounds like a marketing dude and a programmer just tried to fix something that might have been broken but I don’t need to see the gory details. Lenzr: if the point is to get people to register and participate, remember the “What’s in it for me?” rule. I don’t wanna know about the math behind it, just make the deal sweet and I’m in! Sandra in the comments says

A thought on scoring: why not allow voting only on the last 5 days of the month?

I’d expand that and say you can vote the entire time, but keep the results hidden until the last 5 days. That might generate some urgency and excitement. Take that as you will, Lenzr. Do you have a Facebook Fan page yet? Twitter? No? What are you doing all day?!

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  1. Rob Campbell

    Ted. Thanks for a very comprehensive review of the Lenzr February offers. Yes Lenzr is evolving and I like your idea about keeping the results hidden until day 50 or whatever in a sixty day period.. interesting idea.
    Follow Lenzr on Twitter @Lenzr
    and the Lenzr Facebook Fan page now has 89 members (including you).

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