A Guy Knocks On This Door

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I’m not one for Podcasts. They’re quaint, like blogs, and only a certain kind of person can pull them off – usually someone with a good microphone and the ability to edit out people talking over each other.

I tried to get into Hey Ash What You Playin’? showbecause their videos were uber-gamer geek funny but their podcasts were overwrought with analyzing the mechanics of creating comedy video game gags. I swear the two episodes I listened two was like discussing early Woody Allen movies with current day Woody Allen. Yarg. I’ll stick with the videos, thanks.

I have to start listening to WDWRadio.com for reasons I will not offer. Yet. I will say that I am reading “Walt Disney – An American Original” and even though it has more schmaltz than a barber shop quartet singing around a kid’s $0.05 lemonade stand on a hot southern afternoon, it does give a fair account of Uncle Walt. It just makes me want to go back to “The World”.

But my current fave is The Nerdist (site link / iTunes link), starring the host of Web Soup, Chris Hardwick. Unlike his show, the podcasts aren’t structured and the conversation flows naturally. Mostly the discussion revolves around stand up comedy industry talk (he managed to weave that in his episode with Mad Men’s John Hamm) but he does bring out the inner nerd in all his guests. I’m going back in the library and just finished the Drew Carrey episode where they shoot off some pretty funny Carson-style jokes. When I heard this next one I was trying not to laugh in the middle of a subway car:

A guy knocks on this door and a 12 year old kid answers. He’s wearing his mother’s panties and bra, has a martini in one hand and is smoking a big cigar in the other.

The man say, “Excuse me little boy, are your parents home?”

The kid says, “What the fuck do you think?”

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