Gone Dry


Post vacation, I’m finding little to write about. I mean I always have ideas but sometimes they get stuck in my head like a ball of hair in a toothpaste glorped drain.

So it’s up to you, dear reader, to advise me on my next venture. Choose wisely!

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5 thoughts on “Gone Dry

  1. furface

    Or maybe tell us how the cats reacted when you two got home. Any nasty pillow pissing or untoward behaviour?

    Or dog ignores us for a few days once we return when we’ve been away.

  2. Mr. Guesa

    Dood…Just write about retards. That makes my life a lot easier. I’m in the process of identifying all of them on TV…any help would be appreciated.

  3. Jim M

    How about a month-long series where you talk about the stuff you’re removing from your suitcase?

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