The Panty Game Continues


You might recall SharkBoy and I are locked in immortal combat in a contest forever known as Who can hide the panties the best. We’ve lost the Spongebob undies somewhere – one of us hid them too well for the other to find it. The funny part is that neither one of us can recall who’s “turn” it was. I wonder if someone out there in the big wide world is opening a used lunchbox bought in some garage sale and come across this poor rag.

But no fear, we have found a new participant: green ugly and lyrca. Go take a look at I have escalated this war.


(Update: Site has reverted. Link still works)

6 thoughts on “The Panty Game Continues

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  2. Sean

    Oh, I’ve got them both, too…I’ve loved those movies since the late 80s when I first discovered them.

    If you watch the trailer to the sequel, there’s loads of shots from a deleted action scene in the gold refinery. Fun times!

  3. Dead Robot

    If you want to borrow “The Lost City of Gold” and replay the exact moment where Richard Chamberland falls in love with his onscreen “brother”, you’re more than welcome. SharkBoy bought it.

    Yes, it’s more craptacular than the first. The best is James Earl Jones looking all athletic and shit..

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