Chip Chippery Chip Chip Cheroo

The Bad

Last night while eating home-made chicken nuggets (low fat, baked, of course) I chipped the inside of my tooth while biting down on a fork.

Yes. I know. I was eating a chicken nugget with a fork. You can’t call me uncooth.

For some weird reason I was holding my fork nearly vertical with the succulent, plum sauce covered morsel skewered upright on my fork. I guess I didn’t want the sauce to drip which resulted in me biting down hard on the prong, like an idiot.


SharkBoy looked up from his plate. “What was that?”

“Moof!” I say. I half spit half swallow what was in my mouth and run to the mirror, expecting to look a bit Appalachian with a cracked tooth smile staring back at me.

Thankfully it was intact. However, there is what feels like a horizontal groove in the back of my tooth. As well, the groove catches on my bottom tooth when I relax my mouth and set my teeth together. I swear my tooth is swollen.

Coupled with the maddening tongue touch I have to do every 2 seconds, I’m slowly driving myself mad.

3 thoughts on “Chip Chippery Chip Chip Cheroo

  1. The Mutant

    That tongue thing, I know it all too well, and what’s with that anyway? Why can’t we just leave stuff like that the fuck alone!!!

    Might I suggest a little home surgery with just a splash of bondcrete. Might be an idea to get SharkBoy to help you though, to ensure a smooth finish, before you know it, it’ll be good as new and you won’t wear your tongue down to a stump!

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