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E3! Two days of game hype where companies roll out their bizarre new gadgets for their systems (A lenticular screen for your DS?) and parade game trailers out to a waiting world. For me it’s been like a crack junkie at a crack bakery that’s just brought out a tray of crack muffins. Cracky!

I was furiously hitting refresh on the Engadget site (Giz coverage seemed weak. I wonder why?) when Sony sanitarily brought out their new games and controller. While I can say that the Move, their new wand controller, doesn’t really “move” me (ah-nyuck nyuck!) I am excited about games that are in the pipe. Namely Portal 2:

Not surprising is the announcement of a two tiered paid subscription system on PlayStation Network (Xbox much?), which I will probably ignore only if downloadable content comes out for Fallout: New Vegas in a timely manner (ie: not to the Xbox exclusively for a couple years first).

And on a “Awww Crap!” note: not a word or teaser shot for Uncharted 3. Sony Sony Sony… sometimes your contempt for your fanboys is palatable.

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  1. Cb

    I read this post but to me it was all “blah blah blah Sony yadda yadda something Dark Side”.

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