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I’m not one to run to the innernetz when a tv show gets me thinking but a short exchange on Twitter with CB got me thinking just how poorly written Glee is.

iMoose: Very happy with the Glee Finalé. Glad they kept it real. Didn’t try to make it too fantastical, Felt very grounded.

cwbolt: I agree. And even tho I predicted the outcome- it was wholly satisfying

TedHealey: @iMoose @cwboldt I didnt like SueS’s choppy flopping back and forth from being a bitch and nice all season and dull cross episode story.

cwbolt: so you don’t know any people in real life who are tough and bitchy on the outside as protection for their vulnerable insides?

TedHealey: @cwboldt characters dont vasilate between polar opposites within seconds of a story development point. its cheap writing

TedHealey: Vacillate, even. dang

Madhouse6: @Tedhealey @cwboldt @imoose who said anything AMAZING needs to happen. can’t it br fun to just enter this world and see what happens?

Yeah. It’s snowballing…

Before you Gleetards string me up, hear me out.

Two things really bother me about Glee when it comes to the writing:

1) How the writers handle Sue Sylvester. She’s my second favorite character on the show (other than the blond cheerleader, Brittany, of course). She has some of the most callus and cleverly written commentary I’ve seen on TV, yet her character jumps between face-punchingly hateful to achingly vulnerable within episodes. Okay I get it, she has cracks in the armour and it’s good to see these cracks, but they show way too fast and at the most convenient of moments. Too fast, too many times. It detracts from her character, makes me not believe her motivations, especially the third or fourth time she softens up. Lets face it, she’s the villain – she should have one character changing moment at the end or we lose confidence in her. It started with the Madonna episode. I didn’t believe her running commentary on how much she idolized her – it went downhill from there.

2) The story arcs from show to show were boring this year. Moment to moment were fantastic: Kurt’s Dad kicking Finn out of his house for using the word “faggy”; the Saftey Dance sequence in the mall (I choked hard at the end of that one); Rachel’s Mom rejecting her. All brilliant TV stuff. But for the life of me, all the continuous stories bored me, culminating in a “Lets Wrap It Up Quick” season finale. Come on… Sue becomes a judge at the beginning of the season finale show? They could have dropped a teaser at the end of the episode where Will seduced Sue as revenge for such a heinous act of emotional roulette. No story lead up means less emotional connection and her sudden change of heart to vote FOR New Directions didn’t seem valid to me.

It was a boring season filled with great moments, is all I’m saying.

9 thoughts on “Glee-ting

  1. postbear

    i honestly have no idea how anyone can watch this show. even bored out of my mind and stuck in bed i found it grating and annoying, despite the fact that it was filtered through a thick screen of painkillers.

  2. cb

    And yes, I agree that the episodes of this season were weaker than the original stuff— but I truly don’t mind Sue’s manic behavior (hardass with a heart of gold)

  3. cb


    First of all, I still can’t believe you are BP’ing all over Glee

    Secondly, I can’t believe you spelled my name wrong!!

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  5. Evil Panda

    I like the fact that the show’s not believable at all. And the whole scene of “To Sir With Love” just about killed me.

  6. photog2

    Did you notice Brittany holding her belly in the hospital’s waiting room as if she was feeling what it was to be pregnant herself? Made me laugh! I liked the finale, the Over the Rainbow was a bit of a tear jerker…

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