The Game Is Afoot!

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Eep Eep!

On my dresser, I have two coin banks – one for loonies and twonies, the other for the rest of the change. SharkBoy and I have a tradition of as soon as we decide on a vacation, we start putting loose change into our coin boxes. We hoard change right up to a few days before our plane leaves and go to one of those robot counting machines in the grocery store and thus we can afford the limo to and from the airport (and maybe a $10 bagel before the flight).

This morning I emptied my pants of their change into the monkey box and could see that there were coins really close to the top of the box, light glinting off them through the slot. I was instantly excited – I didn’t think I had spent that much since emptying it out last February, but who cared? The monkey coin box was nearly full!

“Look! It’s nearly full!” I say with excitement. Any bit of news about a vacation is always welcome conversation.

SharkBoy produces a smile that reminds me of the Cheshire Cat at the Red Queen’s awkward croquette tournament. “Got. You.” he says.

GAWDDAMMNIT!! Damn, he got me good!

Damn You

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