Pride Tips for Out of Towners: 2010 Edition

Queer stuff, Toronto

Holy crap! With all that was going on in my life the last couple weeks I utterly forgot to create my superhelpful Pride tips! I apologize, incoming tourists, for this oversight.

Here’s my last couple entries:

Pride Tips 2008
Pride Tips 2009

Both still stand, with a couple interesting edits:


PLEASE. However attractive the patio at O’Grady’s looks during the summer fun sun, scope out their food portions and how frantic their staff are. I can assure you that at least one of those points will be a disappointment. This goes for pretty much all restaurants on Church. Take a moment and look at the menu and the actual portions they’re placing in front of people before eating on Church Street. If you must, go to The Church Street Diner. These boys are back and have their head screwed on right.

The Parade

There are Three Parades now, in the spirit of inclusion and togetherness: The Trans March, the Dyke March and the Pride Parade. Next year we will have enough time during Pride week to have the “I can hold the iPhone 4 without losing bars” parade as well as the “Do these shoes make me look bisexual?” parade.

Hooking Up

If you’re trying to pick up a local, don’t mention the G20. We are still sore from it (see below). This year I would suggest combing your hair to look like a wet badger fell on your scalp from a great height, with a slight swirl, will get you laid. It’s working for Justin Beeper or whatever his name is. That or wearing jeans that are so skinny in the leg, yet make your ass look like you’ve dropped the remnants of a spicy burrito in the backside. Tsk. Kids today.

Post-G20 Politicalness

You might have heard that Pride was pulled back from the precipice of disaster by allowing a certain group to keep nasty words in their name while the streets of our fair city were overrun with thugs in black hoodies kicking the shit out of Starbucks on Yonge Street. Know that Torontonians have had their damn fill of political posturing and just want to have fun. If you have an axe to grind, make sure you find like minded people to grind it into.

That’s about it! I wish all your Pride miracles come true!

3 thoughts on “Pride Tips for Out of Towners: 2010 Edition

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  2. doggish

    Funny! And too true. Prediction. Within 5 years, there will be 4 parades. Dyke (L), Pride Parade (G), Trans (T) and a new Bisexual (B) Parade (maybe on Thursday night). Then all the queer children will have equal portions of their PC Gulag sandbox.

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