Three Shot Sunday

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I’ve just come off two weeks of working 9am to 5pm, 5pm to 9pm, with a weekend of obligations in between, so my time with SharkBoy had seriously taken a hit. I believe that these last two weeks have been the most time we’ve been “apart” since we got married. I airquote apart because I would see him for the couple waking hours we had during the weeknights.

To celebrate, SharkBoy dragged us out of the house at 8:30am this morning. He scolded me for wearing a tee shirt while he put on a nice pink golf shirt – which I thought was a bit dressy for a Sunday morning without any hope of going to church – I would later learn why my manner of dress would come into play, but at the time I thought nothing of it. We grabbed a tea, some breakfast and a nice long walk. We hit the AMC at Dundas Square for an early showing of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

We have certain Disney movie obligations, being superfans.

It was ok. Very Bruckheimer. The Fantasia homage in the middle of it was a bit lacking, but it ran along in a great summer movie kind of way. Nice to see the Borg Queen getting work so long after Star Trek. I’d give it a 3 out of 5 wands.

At the end of the show, SharkBoy says “Come on! We have 30 minutes to get to the other theatre for Inception!” and we take off for the next theatre.

As we’re walking past the Opera House, he suddenly announces: “I gotta pee. Do you think they’ll let me in to use their washroom?”

The front of the Opera house has people milling about and I assume there’s a matinee performance.

“I doubt they’re going to let you…”

“Are you coming in too?” he asks as he mounts the stairs.

“I’ll… I um…” I’m a bit stunned at SharkBoy’s pipe dream of getting past the ticket takers with a lame excuse of needing to pee. Does he really think they’re going to let him in?

“What if I gave you this?” and he produces two tickets to Miss Saigon.

The past couple weeks I’ve been focused on my extra job – money for our vacation in the winter. I had forgotten completely that I wanted to surprise him with tickets to this show. I go a bit lumpy throat and laugh. He wanted me to be dressed up a bit so I wouldn’t feel out of place – everyone was in nice clothes and I was ratty Sunday bomb abouts.

He is the master of surprises.

“Consider it a great start to your birthday week.”

“So… no Inception?” I joke.

The show was very good. I’ve never seen it, but had heard some songs from it. I really enjoyed it – despite there being what we jokingly call a “PEW PEW” moment. Backstory: During Toronto’s last showing of Phantom of the Opera from a travelling company, the “falling” chandelier took forever to go from roof to stage and the Phantom’s flaming pyrotechnics were lame (hence the ‘pew pew’). We had a giggle while the full sized chopper in Miss Saigon descended to the stage and the rotor blades were no bigger than a ceiling fan’s. Other than that, it was a fantastic show.

As we left the theatre we looked at each other and decided that being decadent and going to see Inception was still on the books. We ran to the 5pm showing and I LOVED IT. One of my top 10 movies for sure. I can’t say anything more than what Roger Ebert wrote about it a couple days ago. A smart movie in the middle of dumb summer stuff. Yay!

So here we are back at home over 12 hours from when we left after a day of laughter, song and adventure escapism. What a day.

I can’t tell you how much I love my husband. He made the stress and fatigue of the last two weeks dissolve away.

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