Continuing Service

You Stupid Dick

The little things you have to do when someone dies…

I’m on the phone with Bell, canceling my father’s phone and internet account. I haven’t dealt with Bell since leaving them 8 years ago for appalling service when I had my Blueberry iMac (“I’m sorry Mr Dead Rewbit, but the person who handles Macs is on a break right now.”) and so far, past the smarmy “look how techy we are with voice activated prompts!” voice prompt system, into real conversation with a real person, it’s been a cake walk. When I tell Customer Service rep Sharon why I’m closing the account she seems genuinely sorry.

We’re finalizing the details.

“The Internet will be cut off to your father’s apartment on the 20th. Before I do this, is there someone else who would like the account?”

“Not sure what you mean,” I say, squinting at the phone.

“Is there a family member or friend who would like to take over the billing of this account. Is there anyone you can think of who would like internet service?”

“You mean ‘Keep the account alive’?” I intentionally say this, I want her to wince behind her headset. Is she trying to retain a dead customer? “I… don’t think so.”

“Alright then Mr Dead Robot.” She motors on through the rest of the call. It was the only point in the call where she sounded like she was reading from a script.

I was Da’s go-to guy for all things internet/computery. In the grim moment of relinquishing my father’s email accounts, his unused access to the virtual world, Bell wants me to keep paying.

I’ll have to say Fuck You, Bell.

6 thoughts on “Continuing Service

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  2. postbear

    expect to keep hearing from bell, too. i cancelled my landline two years ago and i still get wheedling letters and phone calls begging me to return to them, despite having told them i’d rather buy service from hitler than from them.

  3. Joan Langevin Levack

    Hey Ted:
    I haven’t looked on your blog in a while, and did today. I am very sorry to hear about your father’s death. Your posts are wonderful and tender and fierce; a lovely inheritance from him.

    ps. Tried to use your “let’s talk” form, but the captcha file wouldn’t work.

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  5. SharkBoy

    It’s very hard for family to let go of a loved one, I didn’t realized it carried also in the “services” world too…
    Did you offer Sharon your sympathies on “her loss”?

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