The Best Sister In Law Evar!!!

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Last weekend, sis-in-law Syl had her 50th birthday and surprised me with a gift of my own: money towards my own iPad. She said it was for all the work I did on her note card/photography site.

Without a word of a lie, she knocked my socks off. I had no real schedule for getting one, I just knew I was going to get one. Someday. She had just upped the inevitable.

For her birthday she looked amazing – a hot red Cuban themed dress and her hair was perfect.

Right Now I’m sitting on my bed typing into my WordPress app making this post, thinking of her and what a special person she is.

6 thoughts on “The Best Sister In Law Evar!!!

  1. MJC

    Star Wars pancake molds? From Williams-Sonoma? If so, very cool! And very pretty! Congrats on the almostipad!

  2. Dead Robot

    I was too excited about the iPad, forgot the Star Wars molds. Expect cute-sey pics of us in slippers and housecoats sharing pancakes.

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