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So DeadRobot, I hear you ask, how does one go about putting DVDs on their iPad?

Quickly, I say, before the current Canadian government decides that it’s ok to pay twice for your copy of Colin & Justin’s Home Heist. If you’ve been following entertainment news that involves long winded legal speak, then you know the Conservatives are trying to pass a bill that makes it illegal to burn your DVDs to your computer so you can enjoy it on a plethora of devices. Yes, big name Hollywood players are backing this bill. Go figure. If you want the entire sauce about it, go visit Michael Geist’s blog. He’s tuned in and looking out for us. Otherwise, get burning!

First, download Handbrake: It’s a free program for Mac. Run it and pop in a DVD and Handbrake will scan the disk for all relevant files. I like HB because when you load in a episodal disk, like a TV season disk, it will turn the various episodes into chapters. Simple!

There is a “Preset Drawer” on the right side of the window. Open that and you can choose which device you are ripping your DVD for. Currently there is no iPad choice, but they have been created and you can download them here and install them easy peasy (File>>Import>>choose the zip file you just got. Boom. Done). Choose iPad preset from the drawer and then begin.

Then download Subler. When your movie is done (Put down that cocktail!) you’ll want it to look all professional and poop when you pop it open in your movie app on your iPad. So before loading it into iTunes, use Subler to give it proper meta tags, movie info and “lobby card” image. Drag your movie file onto the icon. You’ll get a metafile window of your newly created movie where you can enter all the info manually or go to File>>Import>>tagChimp. 4 times out of 5, tagChimp will come up with the info automatically, including a poster image (its not as reliable as IMDB, but it does save time!). Hit Apply then Save when done.

Then drag/import your movie into iTunes. Ta da! When you sync your movie across, you’ll see a lovely intro to the movie you will soon enjoy!

App Of The Day: QRANK

Actually not an app for the iPad at all, but I’m hopelessly addicted to it. Once a day, they load questions up for you to answer and win points for you to boast your knowledge on Twitter or Facebook. It’s ad driven so you may have to click on the odd ad between questions but it’s a low price to pay for 10 mins of fun.

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