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Yesterday I got mildly bewildered after reading about how (yet again) Rob Ford managed to be completely clueless about the social/political leanings of a room full of people he was going to debate in. I guess his crack team of minders forgot to tell him he was going into a room full of leftie-liberals.

I was tired of the whole political posturing at the beginning of this mayoral race and after reading that I was exhausted. None of these candidates spark anything but contempt from me. Some more than others, and I’m afraid that’s how I’m going to vote.

What is getting me down more is the rabble that pounce on any mayoral news story that has it’s comments turned on, ready to vilify anyone who has not forgotten that they had a joint on them when stopped by the cops in Florida.

In my ire, I twittered this:

So very tired of this #voteTO. Especially the “mad as hell” idiots who will blindly lead this city into another Lastman embarassment

Within seconds I was replied to by someone claiming to be a “lawyer” from Vaughn saying sarcastically “yeah how dare the suburban crowd be upset with how Toronto is run…” etc.  He fired off a couple blathering tweets about “downtown sensibilities” and I thought best if I block him, so I can’t quote him directly. His past tweets concerned themselves with how Michele Obama is ruining the US – you get the drift – raving neo-con teabagger.  My next tweet:

Irony, thy name is hashtag

Yeah I know I was asking for it in a public forum, the irony isn’t lost on me, but the speed and venom that this person appeared out of the woodwork convinces me that this election won’t be won by intelligence or by rational decision making. The pitchforks are out, the people are mad as hell and they’re at the gates.

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  1. DeadRobot

    Cathy, in this race, all the left leaning candidates fessed up to their transgressions at an early start (one confessed to dabbling with “party drugs” before running for mayor). The infuriating thing about Rob Ford is that he has repeatedly been involved with incidents where the police were involved (drunk and disorderly, alleged spousal abuse, DUI on wine, drug possession – a joint- in Florida). Every episode he denied the incident, then 180’d so hard when hard proof surfaced, his adoring public couldn’t see the hypocrisy of his actions vs his words. They just see his “honesty”, not the video clips of him running from cameras.

  2. CathyK

    As far as I can discern, illections (as in make me vomit) are never won by intelligence or by rational decision making. They’re won by whoever throws the most money at them…. and by whoever can hide their illegal activities the best.

  3. david

    I’m getting my “Impeach Rob Ford” t-shirt ready. It will be colour co-ordinated with the paper bag I will wear over my head like Sylverster the cat’s embarassed son (“Oh, Father.”). I will wear my bag until the cringemaking humiliation of Rob Ford as mayor of Toronto ends hopefully with his arrest and removal from office.

  4. postbear

    anyone who votes for rob ford ought to be euthanised for being too stupid to live, then buried wrapped in shrouds made from toronto sun “news”papers. this idiot would be more shameful than lastman on his worst day.

  5. SharkBoy

    I’m now decided. I’m voting for Kevin Clarke. His advertising is everywhere downtown and I’m sure it hasn’t cost him more than $20 to date AND he hasn’t said anything stupid or infuriating on TV. Team Kevin Clarke all the way here.

  6. Dead Robot

    Your politics usually trickle up here slowly, much like fashion trends from Montreal make it to Toronto after a six month hiatus.

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