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The Daft Punk Tron:Legacy soundtrack sounds like Phillip Glass, if Phillip Glass had originally learned music instead of driving around NYC playing tapes in his cab.

And speaking of Tron, I always loved this shot in the original. I knew it was impossible, a matte painting, but thought it was really good satire.

George Lucas is buying up the rights to dead actors. Read that again, consider Howard The Duck and weep silently into your beer.

Hate filled Christian ranting? There isn’t an app for that. Fake Steve Jobs explains it better than any news outlet.

Denver police kill a robot, dead.

The Ten Most Disturbing Invader Zim episodes (via Topless Robot). I loves me some Pusstulio!

Wait… Michael Jackson is DEAD?

3 thoughts on “Grab Bag

  1. postbear

    that filthy bloghuman apparently only watched those ten zim episodes. bolognius maximus is far more disturbing than anything on that list, and so are a few others – bad, bad rubber piggy, as mentioned in the comments, should be near the top too. the gameslave episode? funny, but not terribly disturbing.

    on the other hand, someone has posted a list on the internet, so we are obliged to disagree with it. angrily.

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