For Whom the Bell Sends a Cheque

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I come home to another windowy envelope from Bell, addressed to my late father. Great, I think to myself. Another invoice.

I open the bill to find a cheque. A cheque for $67. I’m gobsmacked.

There’s no letter, no explanation, except for the Bell logo and a cryptic “Automatic refund of Account Final Acct” dated December 22nd. Other than a reference number, that’s it.

I did some searching in my logs and found my “Dear Bell Canada” post was picked up by someone on Facebook and got most traffic through that. As you know, I dropped Facebook a while back so I can’t see what’s being said. I guess someone at Bell got forwarded the link because soon after that, someone searched on “Edward Healey” on my blog and read every mention of Da in the last year. Fact checking, I guess.

I will give this to Bell. They heard my passive aggressive rants into the ether and sent on a refund for the full amount, passive aggressively.

However, I’m sticking to my guns about their client interaction and billing system. Sure they didn’t have to issue me a cheque and that was nice and all, but it’s 6 months in the making. We didn’t have to do this dance, Bell.

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