Robot Jox – Forgotten Classic

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I was going to do a whole review about how really good this Forgotten Classic is*, complete with bios and history and trivia, but I think I’ll let the reaction shots of Hilary Mason that are peppered every 3 minutes through the movie, do the leg work for this review:

Not to be outdone, the rest of the cast gets in on the action:

Two Things of Note:

This is the best scene in the whole movie:

During the final and inevitable fight scene, Achilles scoots around his evil opponent’s defenses and delivers a crippling missile blow to Crazy Ivan’s robot crotch. He creepily lets loose with a sporty “Yeah!”. Then, I can’t even begin to tell you what happens, you have to see for yourself:

If you guessed “flipped him over onto his robot back and tea bagged his command module with a buzz saw robo-penis”, I need to shake your hand, sir!

*The movie is surprisingly good, considering it’s a combination of model work, stop motion and forced perspective. Yeah, it’s cheese, but it does have an Ender’s Game theme running through it. Trailer here.

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