Vakebtube Dau

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My day is filled with staff complaining about their jobs for the most part. That and someone got laid off today. I get an email halfway through this shitstorm saying:

“I lied. I did do something for Valentines: I made reservations at The Stonegrill.”

The husband always comes through.

I highly recommend the Stonegrill. The dinner wasn’t rushed nor was it uncomfortable. The staff were attentive and offered enough time for us to have a really nice, relaxing meal. The menu was a prix fixe of an array of meats served on a perfectly flat, rectangular lava rock. We were warned that the rock itself was heated to 800F (cooler by the lake) and that “touching it would be bad”.

I had the lamb and Tiger Shirmp, SharkBoy had the Tenderloin and the Salmon. All was super delicious.

We talked about work through the first course then laid down a rule of no more work talk and spent the rest of the evening talking about our looming vacation. And babies. Admittedly we confessed to being more excited about a Disney vacation than children.

After a bottle of wine, meat-seared dinner and rich chocolate cake, chased with a strong espresso, we stagger home.

Happu Valketube Day may lovers!

6 thoughts on “Vakebtube Dau

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  2. Evil Panda

    Thor and I went and saw Les Miserables in Chicago (my gift) and then went out to dinner at Big Bowl (his gift). We had a lovely time, glad you guys did too.

  3. MMSLH

    Wow. He’s a keeper! Like mine. After I f***ed up today, enough to get my wrists slapped by management, I was told we were going to The King & I. Fabulous.

  4. CathyK

    Sounds super delish. Never heard of lava rock cooking, but have heard of salt block. It’s on my to purchase list. Happy V day, you two!

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