Florida Vacation: Rides

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When JTree and Fortress of Solitude said they wanted to come along with us to Disney, I admit I was slightly guarded in my response.

Disney isn’t for everyone. I get it. SharkBoy wrote about it. People who don’t get Disney stick out like a sore thumb (and most get escorted off property). I sort of felt that Fortress (FoSo) would probably be one of those people. Not that he’s stoic and completely uncaring. No. Usually those are the first to crack when they see the castle for the first time. I guessed that he might not go for the treacle that oozes from every nook and cranny, that it might bore/tire him after day 2 or so.

During our first ride together, on Pirates of the Caribbean, I looked over at FoSo. His face was like a mask frozen in naked wonder.

I relaxed after that.

And now, for your pleasure, pictures of people’s faces as they ride Expedition Everest. You really should enlarge them all. I love my new camera!

These last ones are my favorites:

Yes, this dumb ass didn't put his bar all the way down so he could pop up.



2 thoughts on “Florida Vacation: Rides

  1. Sean

    BAH! We still can’t upload our pictures because of no laptop cord. What a bore! 🙁

    I did have an incredible time!! Would totally do it again. 🙂

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