3 thoughts on “Nick Wants Cake

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  2. postbear

    i read about this the other day on some film blog. my first reaction was to the nonsense idea of making this live action, then i read about it being amurkinised (ick), and then i lost it when the site mentioned it was going to whitewash the cast to remove that evil asian taint the original suffered from. good fucking grief, i hope this stupid pile of shit fails to sell ticket one and all responsible kill themselves.

    not the site i orginally read, but here’s a look at the candidates for the cast. before you start throwing things, look carefully at the list of monkeys they are considering – are they just after forehead space? seriously, these actrons have far too much face billboard going on. and then there’s all those terrible haircuts and the fact that several of the fools are about five times the appropriate age – fucking joaquin phoenix, who should have been buried beneath his brother, is fucking 37.

    oh well, i can hope that during shooting they get mistaken for terrorists and a riot cop pushes over justin timberlake, breaking his hip.

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