Challenge #13 – Looking Forward

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13. Something you’re looking forward to

Strangely I’m looking forward to having dinner with my husband on his birthday this month. I’m sure it’s because I want to shower him with birthday love and kisses, but really it is because we’re going to eat at Olympic Pizza. The best restaurant in Toronto.

I’m looking forward to creating a Sandtrooper backpack for my trooper armour but I’m coming up against that “just start it, already!” kind of inertia. I know I will ultimately mess something up and will have to redo something. But it will happen. I decided I’m NOT going to create a rifle for the suit, as that I’d feel really weird walking down the street with a long barrel (fake) gun, even dressed up as a fictional character. So I’m going to concentrate my creativity into the backpack and just have a  small blaster by my side.

Somewhere in my summer fun we’ve decided that maybe a weekend away for camping may be fun. I hope it’s to Michigan’s CAMP-IT campground. Always had a blast there.

At the end of summer, we’ve booked a crazy travel adventure I’m calling Three Cities, Two Girls, one Travel Cup. I may change that title. We’re taking Porter Airlines to New York City for a night (we have to use up our disastrous NYC flight credit) so we can fly with Virgin America to Los Angeles (damn you Virgin for closing your Toronto departures). We’ll spend a couple days doing Disneyland and D23, Disney’s annual archive convention and basically geeking out at the park. After that, we hop in a rental jeep and head up the coast and hit San Francisco where we’ll stop in at the Disney Family museum amongst other things. Yeah it’s an action packed week!

That’s the immediate stuff. Far off into the future, I’m looking forward to taking my twin god-daughters to Disneyworld one day. I think in about 8 years…

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