Challenge #17 – Vain? Moi?

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17. Favorite Picture of yourself ALL TIME Why?

I’m not hugely comfortable with getting my picture taken. You can tell because most of my pictures are of me making the stupidest faces ever. So I don’t really have a ALL TIME favorite picture.


I do have some ones I like a lot:

Halloween! I love this shot of us. So child like.

This is the first of a lot of "A dino ate my hand" shots.

Just a nerdy, happy day with my favorite husband!

This... er... yeah.

Again, a fun day. I love our makeup.

I'm doing my best Christine Keeler


In this picture I can seriously say that I fell in love with SharkBoy all anew. It’s obvious that I love him so much.

One thought on “Challenge #17 – Vain? Moi?

  1. Insomnia

    I love LOVE the last picture of you two!! All of them combined, then the last one actually made me feel like crying.. you two are so happy and perfect… I really wanna get together with you when we get to TO next (my boy is moving there this August… so plenty of ops coming up)

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