Feline Exits The Sack

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Beyond these gates...

Back in December I decided to do something awesome for SharkBoy’s birthday – something barn-door blowing off cool that he would be knocked out at it’s awesomeness. Back then, Disney started to air these “We’re going to Disney!” surprise commercials that made me tear up like a weepy prom mom. This is what I wanted to do: drop a trip on him without his knowledge and just take off.

However, most of you know I utterly suck at keeping or giving surprises. This time was going to be different, I promised myself. This time I was going to keep my big yap shut. Could I keep such a surprise to myself and his co-workers (I had to ask his boss for time off) and not let it slip?

The first hurdle I encountered was the money. I had to shuffle large amounts of cash for the airline/park/hotel reservations which either meant fast talking and distractions with sparkly things off in the corner of his eye whenever he opened the online banking, or planning another vacation and skimming money as we made reservations for that trip. While we organized for our trip to Disneyland in August, I flipped the cash I needed. Both distractions worked excellently. I’m not saying SharkBoy is easily distracted or money-unwise, but I did have to stammer out a couple “lies” when he quizzed final balances at one point.

Secondly I had to clear it with his boss. I contacted a co-worker on Twitter who in part put me in contact with his boss. A few nice words and gentle pleading secured me the time needed without paper trail, just in case SharkBoy checked to see how many actual vaykay days he had left. I’m surprised Erin hasn’t said anything and I would like to thank her for her trust.

Then I was my own worst enemy. I vowed that I was going to stop telling people… after I told my mom and family. And I was good at keeping it to myself but after a couple months I couldn’t stand the pressure. I told his sister, Syl. She just got mad because she wasn’t invited. But she was supportive.

I told the Beach Boys, Sean and Josh while we were at Disney last spring. They looked like they were going to throw up from the treacle. That or they had too much of the rich food. Anyway, they kept quiet.

I told my co-workers who make a face when I mention Disney all the time. They’re more jealous of the time off, I think, not the destination.

And finally, just because I was going batshit crazy, I told a Disney store shop clerk in utter anticipation desperation. Last weekend we strolled into the Eaton Centre Disney store and while we were split up, browsing the cheap merch, I got into a conversation with a Cast Member. She mentioned she liked my Star Wars tee shirt and did I know that Star Wars Weekend was happening right now?


She laughed and we chatted briefly about The World. When SharkBoy meandered over to us we clammed up and laughed. When he quizzed me as to why we were laughing, I said we were talking about how gay he was. I really can’t keep my mouth shut.

Anyway. This morning SharkBoy insisted on opening his letter from my Mom which had USD$ in it. I figured he was going to question why so that’s when I handed over my iPad with all the reservation PDFs on it.

“Oh like these aren’t fake.” He said.

I’m good at Photoshop, but I’m not cruel.

I showed him another PDF for the flights. His face went white. I showed him the reservation for the park tickets. His face went whiter. I tell him about the email conversation I had with his boss. “I need to see it,” he says calmly.

I go to my computer and pull up the email. I turn and find him standing there, hands on his cheeks, mouth open.

I wish I had a video of it. Then again, it’s something I will always remember.

After a moment he turned and started to write a blog post about it. When I got out of the shower (sadly, I have to work today) he was running up and down the hall of the apartment collecting things while simultaneously checking the weather in Orlando. He does have an eye appointment this morning and will most likely have to rest for the afternoon, but I am sure he will be cleaning for the cat sitter.

I love you very much, Michel. Happy Birthday!

8 thoughts on “Feline Exits The Sack

  1. Erik Rubright

    You’re such a great husband. I’d have burst 5 minutes after I thought about doing something like that.

    Coincidentally, I’ll be in Orlando at the same time… it’s Gay Days weekend! We must find a way to meet up if at all possible!!!!

  2. Dead Robot

    Thanks both of you for letting me blubber. It’s super hard not to get excited and spoil the surprise!

  3. Sylvie

    Good Job Ted! I have to admit that I don’t think I would have been able myself to keep it a secret for so long! It was difficult enough not to mention it every time I talked to him. What a great husband you are! I still wish I could have gone though 🙁
    Have tons of fun! XOXO

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