Grape Soda

I’m getting my morning coffee at Starbucks with my camera bag slung over my shoulder. On the strap are two badges I got from my last trip to Disney. One is the Boba Fett “logo” that I was going to give to Sean but after learning he already had it, I deemed it cool too and slapped it on my camera bag.

The other is a faux safety pin holding a Grape Soda bottle top. The Disney/Pixar savvy will recognize it as the pin Carl wears in the movie “Up”, given to him by his first and only love. Start the waterworks, kids.

I’m interrupting this story here to share with you a Disney Wow Moment: While wandering the parks my pins were flying off my camera strap due to the little plastic clasps not holding onto the pin. When I slid my strap to take a picture, the Mickey-shaped backing would fly off and the pin would poke me in the chest. At one point I lost the backing entirely so I went to the nearest pin trading post and asked a Cast Memeber if she had any for sale. She offered to replace it for free, in a heartbeat. I laughed and said “This park will NEVER make any money with that attitude.” We talked about my problem and she suggested their Ikea-like solution: they sell a brass lug nut kind of system that tightens with an Allen Key onto the pin stem. Problem solved! I can whip my bag around without fear! And again, Disney wins over an already happy customer.

Anyway, so I’m waiting in line with these pins on my bag and the Barista spies my bag and says slowly: “Grrrraaaape. Sooooda…?” Obviously asking without asking.

“From the movie Up? It’s the pin…” I start.

“Oh I love that movie!” She exclaims. Then her face darkens. “Oh. That pin will make me cry…”

My job here is done.

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