Pride Tips for Out of Towners

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Hello potential visitors to one of North America’s largest Pride events! Welcome!

Just a quick note: I can’t really add anything new to my past tips: 2008 and 2009

Except there is this update: Last year I mentioned briefly that Torontonians have had their fill of political posturing due to a certain human rights group marching in the parade and getting other human rights groups upset about it. I said that if you meet a Torontonian, you should treat the subject of political posturing as a sore point.

This year, you’ll find we’re a bit more battered, but somehow, a lot more stronger. See we somehow managed to allow a red-necked, conservative mayor to take office (some blame the outer boroughs banding together to defeat the “downtown elitists”) and he’s making it very loud and clear that he thinks the LGBT community isn’t worth his political time. Our Mayor says he’s traditionally spending time with family at the cottage as he usually does (and parades his mom out in front of reporters to prove it) but can’t account for not showing up at any of the other events happening this week, including the flag raising ceremony at City Hall… just outside his office. Beyond the finger pointing and speculation and just how bad this looks on a Mayor to turn his back on one of the largest Pride celebrations in the world, let’s just say this might make things interesting between the LGBT community and City Hall. History (herstory?) has shown you never fuck with an angry drag queen.

With that in mind, when you meet up with a Torontonian the proper greeting is “I am sorry you are currently suffering through 4 years of ignorance and child-like intelligence within your city’s government.”

That should be it for new tips. You will have a great Pride this year because I think this whole “hate city hall” (of course, except for a certain few like Krisyin Wong-Tam, always a voice of reason – see the comment at the end of this article) thing might galvanize Pride back into something more political, like it was in the 70s and 80s.

Oh and one more thing: DO NOT EAT AT ANY OF THE CHURCH STREET SIT DOWN RESTAURANTS. You’ll lose an arm and a leg for a palmfull of fries!

Happy Pride!

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  1. postbear

    you could add in one tip that would entertain me: all out-of-towners and residents should clearly state in the most direct way they can that they find it offensive that the small-minded bigoted mayor isn’t present and enthusiastic for pride and it reflects badly on the city and its attempts to attract tourists and their dollars. hit this bozo where it hurts: in his reputation and his ability to please corporate toronto, which long ago sanely decided that one of the city’s largest attractions was beneficial to all kinds of business, big and small. tourists and locals should make a point to let the managers of retail establishments, hotels, restaurants and bars (and the politicians, if you can spot them), etc. know that they were here for pride and they liked the city, but would seriously consider a different destination if the best mayor we can elect is a violent, knuckledragging bigot.

    this public servant needs as many kicks in the ass as we can line up, and the more that come with great big dollar signs attached, the better. if we’re stuck with corporate sponsorship and its tentacles wriggling through our celebrations, we may as well turn them to our advantage and use them to throttle the stupid bastard who currently squats on the mayor’s throne.

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