Brave, Proud and by the River

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My mom sends me this link to my old home town newspaper: Brockvegas to hold it’s first ever Gay Pride Walk




This has awesome written all over it. If you know Brockvegas (it’s really called Brockville, but due to my dislike for the little ‘ville, I call it something more flashy), then you know that it’s either very much old money or very much proletariat (the local WalMart actually scares me, it’s so rough), with barely any “middle class” in residence at all. So it will be curious to see how this plays out. I hid my sexuality and made a promise to myself that when I physically left Brockvegas (oh how many times did I “mentally” leave?) that I would truly start living my life the way I was suppose to do.

I’m really happy that this is happening.

Comments after the article are positive, but I love how most commenters are afraid that peacock feathers, makeup on dudes and assless chaps will be on display.

In time, Brockville… IN TIME!!

One thought on “Brave, Proud and by the River

  1. curiousj

    BrockVega$. That is hilarious. I’ve been there – it didn’t seem so bad. How forward of them tho – as T.O. may lose their Walk, B.V. inaugurates their’s.

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