A Year

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I promised myself I wasn’t going to mark this day, my father’s one year anniversary of his passing (actually it was more like the very early morning of the 12th, but who’s counting?) but my uncle mass emailed us sibs and offered his condolences.

My brother John sent along a “I’ve Told You What To Do” response and this photo, which made me smile:

Probably 1975

The dog’s name was Cindy, and it’s taken on our dock which was perpetually in a state of perpetual rundown-ness. In the back was the oil drum raft our neighbours made – a perfect respite from the leaches. The time there at the cottage was so brief, went so fast, that I struggle to remember anything other than playing in the water.

Once, while sitting with my father, a huge praying mantis landed on me and I let out a shrill so loud that cats within a mile radius panicked. Abruptly, Da brushed off the green monster and told me not to be so “wimpy”. I would later remind him of this comment whenever he decorated his condo.

Yeah I miss him more than I can say. But lately I’ve been remembering the good things.

SharkBoy has a tradition of having a beer on the anniversary of his father’s passing. Since Da had stopped drinking, I think I’ll send out emails of advice as commemoration.

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