Day 1 – New York

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We took off without a hitch this time, despite being weirdly “threatened” by airport security for taking too many photos (can you say Security Theatre?). The flight/cab into the Big Apple was without incident and went by pretty fast. When the weather co-operates, it really is the easiest way to get to Manhattan.

We dump our bags into our “Cabin” – not sure if they’re alluding to a ship’s cabin – that the room is so super small, they’re “owning it” like a freckled, trailer park teen on America’s Next Top Model or it’s a trendy NYC thing… Regardless, we spend about 30 minutes just taking pictures of the smallness and coolness of the room. The bed retracted like an inchworm and everything else was recessed into the walls. Exactly what a room on Moonbase Alpha would have looked like. Colour and all. I was in heaven!

A few minutes in the lobby, grabbing a video of the robot manservant and we were out into the street. We immediately went to the Disney Store and then suddenly realized we hadn’t expected to be that “early” in NYC. It was 8pm and we hadn’t planned on anything past going to the Disney store. We had no clue what to do next…

So we wandered. And we quickly found out that Times Square on a pleasant summer night is crazyfuckballs busy. Like – holy shit get out of my way or I will tear your face off in fear it’s so busy here, kind of busy. We eventually wandered away and found our way back to the hotel (not before seeing a celebrity – which I will let SharkBoy tell tale of).

On the way back to the room we decide to grab a nightcap on the “largest patio in NYC” or so our doorman tells us. We get there about 11pm, wait at the bar (busy) and then see waitresses floating within the tables. So we go to a table. And wait. And try to snag any frazzled waitresses. SharkBoy manages to get one and is told “errrrmmm… it IS last call.” At 11pm on a Wednesday night? In NYC? Stop fucking with me. When she decides she can get our order in, the attitude that pours from her mouth when SharkBoy orders a margarita would have killed a Kardashian. “What KIND of margarita?”

Well fuck you too, Miss I Just Earned a 5% Tip!

Back to the room. We fold down the bed and fall immediately into a deep sleep.

The next morning we wander and take pictures. I have to say that if I had to live in any American city, NYC would be close to the top… like superclose. Tippity.

Our cab driver to the airport was a maniac: he got us to JFK with hours to spare. Neither SharkBoy and I knew that to get to JFK, we’d be passing close to the 1964 World’s Fair grounds in Flushing Meadows. When we saw the globe and rotting towers, I knew it was a Disney miracle.

More NYC pictures here!

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  1. Matt

    Do you find you get hassled more with a camera than a camera phone? I’ve been given similar warnings when carrying my DSLR in public, which makes me laugh because smartphones are so common and nobody’s walking up to every iPhone to inform the owner of their privacy policies.
    Can we all just accept that public photography stopped being something anyone can curb, a long time ago, and let people snap pics of the stuff they love?

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