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I’m in the Porter lounge, waiting for our flight to NYC. I’m bored and taking “arty” shots for Instagram. Things like the skyline, poop trucks, stuff.

Suddenly the most bored security guard sidled up to me. I knew what was coming…

“Excuse me sir…”

“Yes?” I have my cell phone out, prepared to delete photos to shut him up.

“I am from Billy Bishop airport security-”

“Apparently,” I say quickly, scanning his well worn uniform.

“-And we’d ask that you stop taking pictures. You’re on video.”

I don’t want to get into it. “Sure thing. I’ll stop.”

He trundles off, satisfied he’s carried out his orders from central command, not completely understanding why.


One thought on “On video

  1. thejtree

    Why can’t you take pictures??

    Also, have a GREAT TRIP!!! Can’t wait to see you boys when you get back, we miss you! Don’t spend too much money on our souvenirs! 🙂

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