Day… um… forgot… San Francisco and Home

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Coit in the distanceWhen we got to San Francisco we discovered that a lot of streets are one ways, no turns and scarily steep. Actually this should came as no surprise because, well, we’re seasoned car rentalists when it comes to vacations and both of us have been to SF before. But not in a driver’s capacity.

Needless to say the first 30 min in SFO was spent swearing at the street known as “Geary”, which would not allow us to turn left to arrive at our hotel. We spent a few minutes with map in hand and watching end-of-day rush hour whizz by our Jeep. We did eventually find a way to the hotel, but the rest of our stay, I would punctuate our map references with “We have to cross over fucking Geary…”

Here are the talking points on our trip:

Big treesWe spend a few glorious hours at Muir Woods. I could have made a whole day there it was so beautiful. I asked a ranger where they filmed “Vertigo” and she responded that there was a place called “film ridge” where “some movies were shot there”. Mere metres away from where she was stationed, I swear to god we found the “Here’s where I was born…” scene with Marnie in front of the bisected tree stump was shot – at least I was convinced. Also, it’s rumoured that parts of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Endor scenes were filmed there, but I’ve found no concrete evidence on the internet. Still, it was pretty frikkin amazing.

Even though the weather was chilly, which we welcomed after a summer of blistering heat, both SharkBoy and I decided we could live in SFO without hesitation. Every street, every neighbourhood, every nook and cranny was something to behold. Even the uber-scary Tenderlion had some impressive views of architecture, street culture and crazy pooping crack people.

Lombard StWe got a message on Instagram from BigRedDee saying how much he wanted to meet us. When we arrived in front of the bar we arranged to snag a drink at, we were surprised to meet up with Xianjessen and on another night, Ron (of both Flickr and Instagram fame, and boyfriend to Bark). Both were super nice, friendly and we had a great time chatting. I hope we can meet up again soon, they made our visit to Castro so much fun!

There was one “asshole moment” where our hosts, SharkBoy and I were wedged up against a wall in a packed bar just off the Castro. Due to time constraints, I had brought my big DSLR camera with me into the bar, unable to get back to the hotel to change after the day of wandering. As the place filled up, and the drinks flowed, I managed to be right beside an attractive guy who unfortunately kept on bumping into my long lens. My fault, really. Aside from the poking puns I could make, I felt kind of bad we kept on knocking each other and made efforts to try to avoid him. Finally he turned to me after the 4th bump and I smiled, shouting an apology for my camera over the bar’s music and noise. His glazed eyes took notice of the Disney pins stuck to my camera strap. “Oh look. Disney pins. So interesting! All you’re missing is the furry strap for your camera!” he slurred.

“Be nice! I *am* a tourist!” I said with a smile and an edge to my voice.

“I use to be a cast member, an actual character. Suit and all,” he said, with such inference that “cast Member” equaled “SS Stormtrooper just doing his job”. His eye never left my pins.

“Oh? Who did you play?”

Rafiki,” he said with a weird mix of pride and shame.

“Ah.” I said. In my head I said ‘Rafiki? So boring.” To which I think he sensed my unimpressed internal monologue and we literally turned away from each other simultaneously.

Flickr Meet UpContinuing on… The Disney Family Museum with Bearexposed and his hubby was amazing (yet incredibly sad!) – probably one of the best museums I have ever visited. It was more of a visual biography than museum. Go with adults. Seriously this ain’t a Disney ride.

We walked the hell out of San Francisco, which as you know, is nothing but hills and ankle breaking sidewalks. I. Loved. It. If I lived there I’d have an amazing ass.

I speculated that at one point, some long forgotten mayor had won his position by promising every resident of SFO a bay window in every home. Seriously.

We have no immediate plans to go back, but rest assured we won’t wait another 20 years before we return!

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