Thanksgiving Photo Challenge

Saturday was a beautiful day, wasn’t it?

SharkBoy and I went for a very long walk up into David Balfour park and took some pictures! Again we call upon you, dear readers, to choose which set of 10 pictures you like better.

Mine are below, SharkBoy’s are here.

Remember, a vote for me is a vote for freedom. Clicking on the image blows it up and blows your mind.

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    1. Hm.
      Oh and sorry we didnt stop yesterday – we were having a need. To get home. You know. Poop.

  1. My dearest friend, who I think is charming, loveable, witty, deep down beautiful, cuddly… man of incredible strength, intellegence and sensitivity….. I love you dear friend, but I am afraid I have to vote on sharkboys photos

    1. ArrG!!1!! Your favor has fallen! FALLEn!

      Just kidding. I think his are “on” and mine are schkootchy.

    1. I like DR’s photos better, I really like the lionhead, BUT they are squirrel free so I must vote for SharkBoy

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