Disecting Prometheus

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The trailer for Prometheus dropped when I left for Xmas and I think I’ve played it…oh 1000 times so far. I just want to mention a couple things because I am sure you can go to any nerd site and read the vast comments about this 2 min piece of geek-gasm.

Okay so here’s my take…


It’s pretty much unspoken but utterly “duh!” that this movie is either a prequel to, or lives within the Alien movie universe, despite what Ridley Scott refuses to say or admit in interviews.

Here are my nerd boner moments:


So I gotta ask:

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One thought on “Disecting Prometheus

  1. postbear

    the title sequence in the trailer has me annoyed. dearest mr. scott, you are now imitating yourself and that is what people who have run out of original ideas are known for (when they aren’t imitating others). if the limit of that imitation is the titling, then good for you, but i just don’t trust you enough to believe that’s true.

    many of us who love alien are not scifi fanboys or people who typically enjoy blockbusters, and we’d really appreciate not having to ignore this film the way we have alien versus graverobber. the backstory on the space jockey is an intriguing mystery that would better be left unexplained than shoehorned into some stupid, pointless shoot-em-up or ponderous, attempted-immersive faux-merchant ivory travesty that desperately aspires to gravitas but misses by a wide margin – in first theatrical release, second theatrical release (with bonus alternative ending), first dvd cut with deleted scenes, the dvd including director’s cut, the ultimate edition 6-disc blu-ray , the criterion authoritative edition dvd and so on.

    please have hired talented, hungry writers. please have sought out the cinematography team that has the best balance of innovation and pure technical knowledge. your designers are crucial, and may they have grasped one quality that has shone through your speculative (and more reality-based) films: the universe is a dirty place where utility means much more than decoration. hire actors who understand that understatement provides the key to suspension of disbelief, an integral part of any fantastic film experience. ultimately, hire someone who respects you but does not like you, hand him or her a cattle prod, and prepare yourself to be shocked into painful catatonia each and every time you even begin to think “THIS IS MY CREATION AND I KNOW BEST!”

    i want to enjoy this film, and i may see it in a theatre, a rare treat. i’d like this to be a rewarding experience, one that will prompt me to recall most of the dialogue verbatim and intimately engage in other elements of the movie 32 years after it is released, just as i have done with alien.

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