I, For One, Welcome Our New Overlords

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A (airquotes)psychologist(/airquotes) over on Fox News tells us that the iPhone’s Siri will dehumanize us to the point of not caring about human interactions.

No, seriously. He means it. It’s a damn funny read! And then it gets sad when you think he might actually believe the crap coming out of his mouth. I mean horror-hate-fear-techno-blog.


To the small extent that we say we “love” Siri or use “her” name or rely on her to get us out of a jam (even if it is just being lost), we cut ourselves free from the interpersonal tethers that bind us, one to another, and which act as insulation against acting toward one another in dehumanizing ways.

Yes, Siri is to blame for us becoming unsociable zombies. Oh hey, my Ford Focus (which I LOVE) just told me to drive away from you, you ambulance chasing quack.

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