The Death Of Liberalism

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“My dad use to say: If you don’t like the noise coming out of someone’s mouth, put your fist in it.”

Okay that got my attention.

I’m sitting beside two 50-somethings at the Starbucks up by my work at Yonge and Lawrence. If you don’t know the area, it’s mostly populated with upper middle class, stand alone house owners with two cars and 2.5 kids, cared for with some South Pacific/Asian nanny. These two guys are right beside me in the busy cafe and prior to that sentence I was successful with my  ignorance of them.

“You know what I hate…?”

Oh please do tell.

“These lefty Liberals at fucking city hall. They need to be cleared out, all of them. A fucking waste of money and time. I called city hall this morning and I got someone at 9:45am… 9:45 am!! And asked them about something and do you know what they said to me?? ‘Wait a minute, I need to turn on my computer.’ They had 45 minutes to turn it on!!”

My back arches. My eyes go to the window so I can see his reflection. If I had not heard this garbage I would have assumed he was a nice, almost kind looking older guy. But after hearing this, he’s super ugly. I’m about to say something, the sentence forming in my mouth, when his friend speaks up:

“Well, maybe he had some paper work to do before starting his computer? It is a bureaucracy, you know.”

That shut him up. On that topic. I leave these two dicks before I get a fist in my mouth.

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