Lego Falcon

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My husband got me an awesome Xmas gift this year: the Lego Millennium Falcon. 1264 pieces of sheer patience.

Actually I found it quite relaxing to sit down after work, after dinner, and do a couple pages of construction per night. I wish it could have lasted longer.

Here are a few pics to show you my progress. Feel free to caption or ridicule openly.


6 thoughts on “Lego Falcon

  1. Andrew Holmes2

    Seriously, install boot amp on your Mac, get Star Wars: The Old Republic, and come kill Jedi with me. The game is worth it just for the spaceship you get at level 15. Your own spaceship. With a droid that does stuff for you….

  2. postbear

    what’s that alien shirt you’re wearing. i’ve not seen it. and how do jonesy and mother rate below parker and lambert?

    /doesn’t care about trek wars at all.

  3. Jmerullo

    Your husband is a keeper. You should keep him.

    Last year Amy bought a giant space shuttle model for me and The Critter. He’s not quite as patient as you so we basically spent the entire day building it until it was done. Then, last Father’s Day, I bought a big 2000+ set to build with him and it was a non-stop Lego marathon until it was built. Good times. Good times. I’m already looking forward to next Father’s day.

    Try not to drool over that giant $400.00 star destroyer model in the catalog.

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