Disney, Day Two

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We wake, well rested and ready for Hollywood Studios!

I’ve always loved the faux studio theme because it works so well in an amusement park dedicated to movie studios, where creating fake scenes is their job. It’s rather meta.

We arrive for rope drop and shuffle our way over to Toy Story (No running!) for FastPasses and our first ride. Since the line was only 10 minutes we took advantage of that and rode it right away. As we left, the wait time had risen to 40 minutes. By 1pm, I am sure they had run out of FastPass tickets. It’s that popular.

After that we rode Star Tours 3 times. Yes. 3 Times. SharkBoy was getting a bit woozy after 2. I could have stayed all day. With all the combinations (54 to be precise) we managed to get two the same. Garrrh! But still, we RODE IT 3 TIMES!!

After we watched the Little Mermaid stage show which has the most creepiest stage puppet I’ve ever seen. Ursula is “full size” and basically is horrific to behold in terms of it’s movements and it’s manic eyes. It always freaks me out a little when I see it.

Quickly we rock on over to Rockin’ Roller Coaster for some Aerosmith fun. My man boobs flew around much like Steve Tyler’s! Then, zip right over to Tower of Terror where a bunch of Brazilian students in a tour decided that yelling and chatting all the way through the line, the pre-show and the basement queue was ok with them. Sigh. But the ride was amazing – at one point my camera, firmly strapped around my neck, hovered over my left shoulder in weightlessness. Weee!

After that the day blurs. We’re still a bit tired and yet we manage to wander around the park taking pictures for another couple hours. We do the Great Movie Ride (This… Is… ALIEN!) and somewhere in our confusion we forgot to go see the Indiana Jones Stunt show. Woops. It was my choice not to go see the always crowded Lights! Motors! Action! because I was sure I’d manage to fall asleep on a bleacher. Not an easy feat, I tell you.

We leave the park and walk over to Disney’s Boardwalk Villas for a quick looky see and we muse about becoming Disney Vacation Club members yet again. Sigh… some day…

Back at the resort, we could see EPCOT’s fireworks from our balcony, and along with a couple other people, watched at the night sky lit up like some idyllic war-torn country. We hit the hay early!

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