I Give Up. Star Wars is Dead to Me

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I hate you George Lucas.

I hate you with all my heart. You need to put your hands back on the wheel and DRIVE THE STAR WARS CAR INTO A BRICK WALL. End our misery.

Throughout my nerd life I’ve seen you rape, pillage, whore out, fuck up, befuddle and screw the Star Wars empire into a massive ball of fuck. But this? The upcoming Kinect Star Wars game? It had so much promise: Force choke holds! Light sabre fights!

This video proves you are a fuck. A fucking fuck who thinks they’re being clever and smart. You need to either man up and actually pay attention during your marketing meetings and STAND UP and say “No! This is not my vision for Star Wars!” or sign the rights over to someone who will preserve the dignity


…of Star Wars.

Watch to the end. The sad… sad… end.

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7 thoughts on “I Give Up. Star Wars is Dead to Me

  1. postbear

    i mean you star nerds no harm, but this is only such a very long funeral and wake for you because you kept prolonging the inevitable. i don’t mean that you should have begun resenting lucas and his films as long ago as i did (i’m a misanthrope and hate pop culture, yet understand this is not a common way to live), but there have been many, many points along the continuum of suck that should have made him and his nonsense repugnant long ago.

    i’m sorry you’ve lost appreciation for your films. the ideal way to remedy this is by voting with your dollars (and words): don’t buy any more of his junk and it’s more likely that he’ll understand that he’s being spanked.

  2. Sean G

    So…what was wrong with that?

    j/k sorry…that’s awful.

    We actually sat through Episode I in 2.5D (I refuse to call what we witnessed 3D)…J actually took his 3D glasses off at one point. “Is this thing on…?”

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